Monday, April 8, 2013

POWER & POSSIBILITY: A Program Note for Audiences

This piece evolved out of a five week rehearsal process by starting with themes of power, subversion, and laughter along with this set of half-masks, relating our own experiences, and seeing what kind of skills and interests each individual brought to the table. The characters, world, and story you are about to witness was developed through improvisation, physical play, and storytelling exercises… When interviewing people about their relationship to power, one of our ensemble members, Emily Mack, brought back two quotes from medical professionals she worked with on a spring break mission trip in Nicaragua:

“Power is the ability to be loved. The more you're loved the more powerful you are. People that can engender love and are loved by others are powerful. If a person is loved and respected, they have more power and influence over others. Humans are connected by love.”

“Power is the state of having and giving what you have to others.”

I believe these ruminations speak to the essence of our exploration together and to the product we will present today. The students, faculty, and staff at Bucknell are some of the most gracious, inspiring, and enthusiastic people I have ever met. Their ability to remain curious, open, flexible, and listening so intently to one another has taught me so much every step of the way and made it feel like anything is possible. Everything you see and hear today was created by this group of people in order to share it with you. Thanks for being part of this world premiere performance. Enjoy. 

~ Kali Quinn

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