Tuesday, April 30, 2013

From the Actor's Perspective: Final Thoughts

"This experience was phenomenal and the amount that I learned from Kali and the rest of the ensemble is invaluable. I will be taking all of this with me as I go to Italy next year and pursue this kind of work at the graduate level! Thank you all and lets do this again some time :)"

- Matt Dranzik '13
  Ensemble Member

"I talked to my friend today about her thoughts on the show. One of the things that stood out to me from her reaction was that we had created a world that was so simple but at the same time incredibly thought-provoking. She also thought that it was rare to see a show with such a wholesome message. I would have to agree with her. I think that this project that we have all been a part of has blossomed into a rare piece of theatre that has challenged its audiences with perhaps unfamiliar styles but has also quite simply made us aware of our own society. My friend was also amazed at our ability to tell a clear story through a majority of movement and not a lot of dialogue. As a dancer, she was engaged with the craft of creating a story through physicality and recognized what a special kind of theatre she had witnessed.

I was also tickled that she hadn't recognized which character I was for awhile during the show, until she recognized something about my voice. This experience as a transformation process has been even more rewarding after hearing what individual audience members have to say about their response to the change in the people that they know once they have taken on these characters. Possibilities for art seem endless after this piece, and I have a lot of hope for the future in terms of creating theatre that plays with the idea of the familiar and the unfamiliar in order to challenge people's perceptions about life."

-Emily Hooper '14
 Ensemble Member

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