Tuesday, April 30, 2013

From the Actor's Perspective: Final Thoughts

"Where do I begin?  Where did we even begin with this whole process?  It's hard to think back that far.  Although it was only about a month ago, it seems like we've been working on this creation for years.  All the way from watermelons and souls and stardust and apples whittled down to an hour long show, which we all know could have easily ended up being 24 hours long.  Looking back on the process, it was truly one of the most fun and eye-opening experiences I've ever had.  To learn to not rely on the face for expression was a challenge, I believe, for most of us who are not used to physical theatre work.  Looking at how far we all have come since the first day amazes me.  We all left a bit more flexible and a lot more knowledgeable.  

         After a show, there is always that feeling of "post-show depression" but I felt it even more with MMM.  I felt more connected with this piece and this character since it was our baby that we built from the ground up, but now we have to let it go.  An idea that CJ brought up has stuck with me: even though our show has run its course, it will live on inside each of us and the people who saw it.  We can live with the feeling that it has affected us and the audience in some way, and that is why we do what we do.  

I've never worked with such a cohesive and creative group of people.  Let's do it again in 10 years!"

 -Estie Pyper '16
  Ensemble Member

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