Friday, April 12, 2013


Since October, when Director Kali Quinn first visited Bucknell as a Resident Guest Artist, April 12th has always been the focal point. Getting us to April 12th was the goal. All of our work, time, effort, passion, and energy has been put forth to not only learn and explore masked theatre, but to produce something to present to an audience starting on opening night. For all of the ensemble, waking up today was arriving at a destination that never had a clear answer to what would happen- but something did happen. Masks, Movement, and Mayhem opened to an enthusiastic and engaged crowd tonight that also joined us for a post-performance talkback and a reception held in the greenroom thanks to Cap and Dagger, Bucknell's student theatre organization. The ensemble was focused, ready, and yes a little nervous before that red curtain was raised but they gave an outstanding performance. We are all excited to still have three shows: tomorrow at 2pm and Sunday and Monday at 8pm with talkbacks after each. 

Thank you to everyone who had something to do with the production and thank you to everyone who came out to see our world premier!

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